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Windows, OSX and Linux binaries are available from the sourceforge project pages.

The Linux binary version of TARQUIN makes use of the excellent Ermine tools for producing stand-alone binaries able to run on any modern Linux distribution. We would like to thank the authors of these tools for their support in providing us with a pain free way to distribute TARQUIN on the Linux platform.

The TARQUIN source code is kept in a subversion repository which can be accessed from the following location:

svn co https://tarquin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/tarquin tarquin

A MATLAB implementation is also available at http://www.lostintheether.net/tarquin, however this code is no longer activly developed. While MATLAB is an excellent enviroment for writing short scripts, it is unsitable for complex application development as it is an expensive dependancy and lacks certain design features which can make complex programs unweidly and difficult to maintain. For these reasons the decision to implement TARQUIN in C++ was taken.