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17-06-16 - TARQUIN version 4.3.10 has been released for Windows, OS X and Linux with the following new features and fixes:

Please report bugs and suggest new features via the users' group.


TARQUIN is an analysis tool for automatically determining the quantities of molecules present in MR spectroscopy data. The intended purpose of TARQUIN is to aid the characterisation of pathologies, in particular brain tumours, both non-invasively with in-vivo 1H MRS and ex-vivo with 1H HR-MAS. TARQUIN has the following features:

Supported data formats

We recommend that all MRS data is exported from the scanner in the standard DICOM MRS format to ensure compatibility with TARQUIN.

A summary of the data formats that should work with TARQUIN are detailed below.

FormatSingle voxel2D MRSI3D MRSI
Siemens IMAYesYesYes
Siemens RDAYesYesYes
Siemens TWIX*NoNo
Philips SDAT/SPARYesYesYes
GE P filesYesYesNo
ASCII formatYesNoNo

* under development.